Benin’s response to Covid-19: Césaire KAKPO congratulates Talon on preventive measures and recommends strengthening border surveillance


The day after the detection of the first case of coronavirus on beninese soil, the president of the republic of benin, patrice talon took drastic measures to prevent the spread of the disease. among other measures taken by the Beninese government, we can cite: the limitation to the extreme necessity of entry and exit at the land borders of our country, the restriction of the issuance of entry visas to Benin, the systematic quarantine and mandatory of allperson coming to Benin by air, ect …

Approached a team from our editorial team, Césaire KAKPO, president of K-POLYGONE, spoke out on these preventive measures. speechless, he congratulated the current tenant of the Marina, who, according to him, not only made a good analysis of the situation but also, was lucid in his decision-making. “I appreciate President Talon’s concern not to fall into follow-up, mimicry and haste as was the case with his counterparts in the sub-region,” said the chairman. In a rational approach, he demonstrated that in the Beninese socio-economic context, general containment measures would be counterproductive. according to him, they would have the effect of “starving everyone at once and for too long” and would be, therefore, “defied and flouted without having achieved the objectives.

“It is obvious that we do not have the possibility of doing like the rich countries. It was realistic, “he said before warning that this is not a reason to sleep on our laurels, however. “We must remain vigilant. moreover, the government has the supreme duty to protect the citizens including against their will >>, he will add.

He also counts on the government to further strengthen surveillance at the borders, notably those of Nigeria, Niger and Burkina Faso.

Finally, Césaire KAKPO invites everyone to show individual and collective responsibility by strictly respecting the barrier measures recommended by the government.

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